Every project is different. That’s why we don’t believe in a standard approach. We believe in getting to know you, in understanding what you want to achieve and creating a bespoke service that suits your needs.

We can work in-house or externally. Either way we’ll become part of your team, working seamlessly with you to get your project done. 

Project Management

We work on every stage of your project, from initial ideas to great results. No detail is too small.

Our team has expert knowledge of cost estimating, project planning and scheduling, contract administration and communication. We’ll coordinate project control, due diligence and project monitoring so you’ll always know you’re in safe hands.

We’re skilled in working with stakeholders, whether that means designers, developers or management, and we support them in delivering the standards you expect.

Here’s the full list of project management services we provide:

– Consultant selection
– Strategic briefing
– Development management
– Commissioning management
– Project control
– Management consultancy
– Procurement advice
– Change management
– Contract selection
– Risk management
– Due diligence
– Project monitoring

Programme Management

We’re here to help you meet the objectives of your programme. Acting as an extension of your team, we’ll oversee planning, co-ordination, scheduling, cost control, design, construction and commissioning.

We’ll be like any trusted member of your team, protecting your interests above everything else.

Here’s the full list of programme management services we provide:

– Programme planning and management
– Master scheduling
– Design management
– Cost management

Surveys and data analysis

Get your project off to a strong start and make sure you’re investing where it matters. 

We complete surveys before a project starts. Where a design scheme isn’t already in place, the surveys help develop one. Where there is a scheme in place, the surveys identify risks and ways to mitigate them.  

Once a project is under way, our research team collates insights and project data to feed back to you on a weekly or monthly basis, allowing you to keep track of progress and deal with further risk factors as they arise.  

Aftercare and close out services

Your project doesn’t end when the physical work does. There are always loose ends to tie up — which is where we come in. 

We’re experienced in monitoring close out, collecting and analysing data on contractor performance and managing your supply base to ensure all issues are effectively resolved. 

The results not only help finish the project, they protect you against unexpected issues and help you decide who to work with in the future.

Acting as an employer’s agent

If you don’t need us to manage things completely, we can deliver specific support services according to your project’s needs. 

Our employer’s agent service includes:
– Construction management. We’ll support your team by working on-site to co-ordinate design and construction and programme works.
– Client representative. If you need a project manager in a specific discipline, we’ll supply someone with the skills to suit any property or retail project.

Risk Management

Every project has risks, but we’ll work with you to control and manage them. We’ll help your team spot risks early, and create effective strategies to mitigate negative effects. We’ll always keep you up to date, so you know we’ve got things under control, and you can get on with what’s important.

Everything else

We’re here to provide whatever support you need. Sometimes that means delivering huge, long-term projects. Sometimes it’s small, simple steps towards a later goal. That’s why we also offer services including:

– Tender proposals
– Team training
– White book development and equipment guides
– Project audits